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Course Number Title Instructor

Freshman I (Fall 2014)

CS 314 Data Structures Novak
CS 311 Discrete Mathematics Gouda
M 427L Vector Calculus Dochtermann
LIN 306 Intro to Linguistics Jerro
UGS 303 Writing Systems, Scripts, and Literacy Huehnergard

Freshman II (Spring 2015)

CS 429 Computer Architecture Dickerson
M 362K Probability I Bowen
M 340L Linear Algebra Schurle
LIN 344K Phonetics Smiljanic
MUS 307 Jazz Appreciation Jones

Sophomore I (Fall 2015)

CS 439 Operating Systems Norman
LIN 372L Syntax and Semantics Wechsler
LIN 372K Phonology Myers
PHL 303M Mind and Body Tye

Sophomore II (Spring 2016)

CS 331 Algorithms and Complexity Theory Ramachandran
CS 345 Programming Languages Cook
M 365C Real Analysis I Israel
LIN 373 Syntactic Theory Wechsler
LIN 353C Intro to Computational Linguistics Erk

Junior I (Fall 2016)

CS 353 Theory of Computation Zuckerman
CS 371R Information Retreival and Web Search Mooney
CS 349 Contemporary Issues in Comp Sci Cline and Rich
CS 105C C++ Programming Langauge Chen
LIN 350 Language and the Brain Sussman

Junior II (Spring 2017)

CS 378 Multicore Operating Systems Peter
CS 378 Declarative Programming Lifschitz
LIN 345 Historical Linguistics Epps
GOV 312L Issues and Policies in American Government Moser

Senior I (Fall 2017)

CS 342 Neural Networks Krähenbühl
RHE 309K Rhetoric of Islam in America Chovanec

Senior II (Spring 2018)

CS 376 Computer Vision Grauman